Large Format Printing

Ever wonder where to begin with a large format print project? Or who to go to for guidance in formatting a large format print file? Design Printing has a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating large scale print materials (banners, step-and-repeat backdrops, sizable posters), allowing you to employ a less traditional, but likely more impactful vehicle for communicating your message.

The Ultimate End Product

When you combine our digital printing capabilities with our prepress expertise, you can be assured you’ll end up with a final marketing/communications piece that absolutely makes an impact on your client or audience. Over the years, Design Printing has collaborated with clients on a vast collection of printed work with elaborate graphics including book covers, business stationery, posters, invitations, event programs and catalogues, many of which have garnered awards within the print industry. We’d love to help you design your next remarkable print piece.

Make a Good Imppression

You’ve heard it time and time again. Put your best foot forward with each and every effort! That’s what we’re here to help you do. The first impression you make with a customer may come from something as simple as a business card or post card or a highly involved piece like a product catalog. Design Printing has been consulting with clients for years, helping them to enhance existing pieces and, in some cases, initiate and advance a bold, new branding campaign with their communication materials.


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